I am Dog(s)

[15 minute read]

Imagine one day that you suddenly have a realization that changes how you perceive yourself. That it retroactively contextualizes your past, and makes you utterly change how you see yourself.

That realization is, that you are a dog.

I am Dog(s) is a semi-autobiographical narrative about a freshly cracked trans woman struggling with multiple discoveries she makes about herself one right after another.


This game was inspired by LOVE, STARGIRL's Ramiel

Release date Sep 06, 2021
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsDogs, LGBT, LGBTQIA, plural, plurality, therian, Transgender, Twine
Code licenseUnlicense
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast, One button

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this is so cool!!! and very relatable, even though our only similarities seem to be being trans and otherkin :) thank you for sharing your story!!!!!!


this was…unforgettable and deeply relatable. thank you for making us tear up. thank you for creating and sharing this.

it’s genuinely so beautiful to consume media that mentions otherness. 💛

we're sobbing at this, wonderful work <3

stunning and brave


This was a good read
And quite a complex Twine, from a technical perspective, so kudos for that

Are these discord convos copied and pasted from actual servers? Because if not, it's written super well, down to details like the plural bot. 

The conversations were all original words! The closest to being copied were that some characters were inspired by friends, though mashed together and remixed until they were new characters. ^-^


Our journey into plurality is very new and very frightening. We really, really enjoyed reading this. It felt like our thoughts were finally put to words, and the feeling of elation from reading your experience was palpable. It's been so scary being plural and trans and queer in a world that so badly wants to be exclusionary for the sake of it...

Thank you for this. Thank you so, so much. 📚


I know this ain't the usual comment you will see here but is there a link to a discord server similar to the one presented in the game?

After playing it something struck a cord and after a tiny mental breakdown and then some thinking,  I think I might be in a similar predicament to the player character. By that I mean the whole gender/Identity crisis thing and worried that I'm not the only person in my head, but definitely not the whole "Am I a dog?" thing.

Other than that, it was an excellent game and I very much enjoyed it.

hi yes! I know of a few actually! You can either DM us on twitter @SoftAnnaLee or SoftAnnaLee#2112 on Discord and we’ll grab some links! 😊

Sent a discord friend request. Hopefully we can talk soon

hi! I’m also interested in learning more about plurality. It’s kind of a new concept to me, but I want to understand it better. I sent you a friend request as well, I hope that’s ok!

The story is very interesting, but the twine keeps crashing when I try to select words partway through.


as a plural system with trans femme members who are dogs, this made us so so happy to read :) thank you both so much for making this!


really lovely story, and like a previous comment mentioned- the advancement mechanics & various ways to interact with the game are super cool! also as a greenland dog therian who's part of a system, i gotta say- bark bark bark bark! yip yip :)


Wholesome!!!! Made my heart happy. I have a lot of similar feelings about, honestly, being a kid, like I don't like being an adult of either 'gender'... I've had a lot of questions/thoughts like 'well what MAKES me a kid?' ...also I'm just a furry not a therian... But yeah anyway, good job!!!! *pats if allowed*


One of the best-crafted Twine games I've ever played. You've done some terrific things with the program here. The visuals are great, the advancement mechanics themselves - like a text button changing when you click it to show the narrator's uncertainty about something - are clever and actively add to the story, and in general it's just really visually dynamic and enjoyable to navigate. The Discord sections were the stand-outs to me: I didn't even know you could do that in Twine! I'm not super familiar with the topic of therianism(sp?) beyond vague internet osmosis so I can't speak to that, but it was an engaging and unique narrative even as a layperson.


lovely and relatable story, I really liked all the small little details. thank you!


We needed this in our lives. Many thanks


i (we) don't usually comment on itchio stuff but

this was amazing and beautiful and made us hella cry :))) 

great work puppy comrade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I loved this story thank you so much for posting it I literally made happy noises at times while reading it and by the end I cried a few happy tears 😅 I am not a therian but I felt some phantom things in the past, so I may be otherkin tough, not really sure... I am really happy that I could read this tough and I loved the game!

Just keep on doing what you guys want to in your life and enjoy your freedom :D 

Have a nice day ^^


Always love a good self-discovery story


hi, a friend linked us here and I was wondering how you made such a good interactive story? we think it'd be really cool to make one ourself but idk how to~


Hi! We used Twine to build and write this story! Specifically the Harlowe story format, which made it pretty easy to do most of the effects we used!

We also did some tweaking of visual elements with CSS (e.g. Discord conversation styling, background images, font changes) but you can make a good interactive story with Twine and Harlow very easily!

oh thank you then!


Hi guys, my blind friends really want to read this but say they can't find the choices to click for the next page after the first. Do you have a screen-reader accessible version for them? They'd love this!


Hey there, fellow blind person here! Tell your friends to just press enter on the last visible line to get new ones. The scrolling is a little slow sometimes (just one sentence at a time), but it does work with a little patience! At least over here, with NVDA and both Firefox and Brave.


An excellent exploration of several topics, one of which I've never heard of before but now has me wondering if I'm a therian.


Oh gosh! Well of you need somebody to talk to my twitter is listed in my profile! 😊


I'd love to, I'm just nervous about typing public comments. I worry about saying something wrong, like not phrasing it right and accidentally upsetting someone. Especially since I don't fully understand what being a therian means, but I really identified with those phantom feelings.


Phantom feelings were the big thing we noticed that made us wonder if we were nonhuman! I feel like it's a cool experience to be in touch with them - none of us have felt that much lately

I hope you can figure stuff out and work from there!